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3D Printing Services

3D printing is today one of the most promising technologies able to bring breakthrough innovation in the manufacturing processes. By designing structures in a way which cannot be realized by traditional processing methods.

We wanted to be forerunner in this field, so we were part of the firsts to acquired a state-of-the-art HP technology Multi Jet Fusion. The HP 3D printer can print a production of plastic objects (Polyamide 12) at significant speed and very competitive cost.


Polyamide 12 is perfectly suited for parts requiring great finesse in curves and good resistance to handling. The definition of the objects produced is very detailed. It allows designers and engineers to follow their imagination without thinking of the feasibility aspects.

Furthermore, high mechanical performance and printing accuracy, leads to a limitless field of application for plastic use projects. From spare parts for machinery up to complex geometry prototyping, 3D printing covers a wide range of fields.

We offer 3D printing services to companies and to individuals. We are convinced about the potential of this technology and willing to share our experience and knowledge.

Technical specifications

The material used by Multi Jet Fusion is polyamide also called PA 12 and it has high performances. As his name implies, the Multi Jet Fusion printer uses fusion between PA 12 powder and a detailing agent to create any part layer by layer. In comparison to other 3D printing technologies, the powder requires no support which means that  you can design freely. No matter how complex is your project, it will be possible to create without any loss of material.


• • • •


• • • • •


• • • •


• • • • 

Chemical resistant

• • • • •


  • 0.1 to 0.2mm clearance between parts for assemblies 

  • Minimal feasible diameter : 1mm 

  • Building volume : 380x284x380 mm

  • Minimal feasible wall thickness : 0.5mm 

  • Lead time : 48 hours

Fields of application

Ancre 1


Working with machines is one of our core activities. We've been using 3D printing to improve our machines and production all over the world.



3D printing is revolutionary for creating building models and maquettes. Our 3D printing technology brings rapidity, accuracy, details, robustness and limitless freedom of design.

DSC_0276-Modifica copia.png

Consumer goods

Perfect if you are looking for uniqueness and unlimited potential for personalized gifts or, just to show originality. 3D printing has no boundaries, from a gift for your special ones to that missing part of your hoover or a customized jewellery holder.


Automobile, Motorcycle

The combination of robustness and lightweightness made possible by 3D printing led us to work with motorcycle companies for prototyping. The cost effectiveness and rapidity of production are non negligeable in this industry.

Finishing methods

DSC_0204 copia.png


  • Removal of extra loose powder

  • Use of sandblasting technique


  • Removal of extra loose powder

  • Sandblasting using graphite for a darker finish


  • Removal of extra loose powder

  • Use of sandblasting technique

  • Colored with black dye

​All parts can be spray painted with traditional lacquers

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