What is 3D printing?

3D printing is today one of the most promising technologies able to bring breakthrough innovation in the manufacturing processes. By designing structures in a way which cannot be realized by traditional processing methods.

We wanted to be forerunner in this field so we were part of the firsts to acquired a state-of-the-art HP technology Mult Jet Fusion. With a capacity of 41 litres build volume, the HP 3D printer can print a production of plastic objects (PA12) at significant speed and very competitive cost.

Furthermore, high mechanical performance and printing accuracy, leads to a limitless field of application for plastic use projects. From spare parts for machinery up to complex geometry prototyping, 3D printing covers a wide range of fields.

We offer 3D printing services to companies and to individuals. We are convinced about the potential of this technology and willing to share our experience and knowledge.

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