GCL Vision - Face shields

Face Shield GCL Vision is a reaction to Covid-19 emergency.

Supported by the Luxemburgish Goverment, we are very proud to produce them in the country.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we decided to do our part to participate to the social effort.

It was with great reactivity and involvement from all of GCL Technologies employees, that we started to design, create, assemble and hand over Face Shields to frontline workers.

Shields are now commercialised but of course, we continue responding to demands of not-for-profit organisations.

Contact us if you are interested to buy them or distribute them

CE marking and conformity  info:

GCL vision face shields comes in 2 CE marked models

GCL Vision ONE size M/L 250

GCL Vision ONE size S/M 250 S


CERTIFICATE NUMBER 2777/14897-01E/00-00

If you bought a GCL Vision face shield you can download the DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY here  

upon request you can obtain the CE certification document

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