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Software developer 



Technical skills, other skills


Ability and experience in creating desktop applications


Tool: Qt, Microsoft visual studio

Language: (C++), C #

Operating system: Ubuntu, Windows7/10  


Ability and interest in creating web applications

Help the team and open to extend knowledge on new items 


Tool: Microsoft visual code

Language: Javascript

Operating system: Ubuntu

Framework: NextJs, ExpressJs, NodeJs

Database: MongoDb, PostgreSQL, Redis

Communication protocol: Mosquitto MQTT, Apache Kafka

Soft skills


Critical and creative thinking;

Desire to learn. 


English (Fluent)

Working place and Travels

A site presence is requested (Foetz, Luxembourg), remote working can be done depending on the conditions of the work/activity

The position requires frequent travels abroad (travels are strongly reduced during Covid19 period). 

Availability to travel and mobility is requested.  


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