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Mold design service

Great for business that want to create specific parts with a small production. Without spending a lot in big molds for dedicated to bigger industies.

We take care of everything, we design the mold and put it in production, you only have to choose the material you want to use and we take care of the rest.

The babyplast allow us to reach versatility.

Contact us if you are interested to use our design services

Technical specifications


  • Dimensions maximales de la cavité : 40*40*40 cm

  • Quantité minimale de pièces : 100 pièces

  • Poids d’une pièce : jusqu'à 9 grammes

  • Prix de fabrication d’un moule : en fonction de la complexité de la géométrie, de 1 000 à 10 000€ (à vérifier après la réception du design)

  • Prix de la pièce : à définir après l'étude de cas

  • Lead time : de 4 à 10 semaines

How it works

Ancre 1


You contact us so we can discuss and understand your needs, the material you want, what is your goal and what  you want to achieve with it.



Our team of engineers will design an injection mold based on the study of the part.

DSC_0276-Modifica copia.png


We transfer the design to our trusted partners that will build the mold.



The parts will be produced in our technical center in Foetz, Luxembourg by experts.

Examples of parts

DSC_0204 copia.png

Disk Jameson

photo electronic surmoulage

pince à épiler

Examples of molds

DSC_0204 copia.png
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